Eddie McGuire Thinks State Of Origin Is The Solution To The Summer Of Cricket

This morning on The Hot Breakfast

28 January 2018

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Following the conclusion of the One Day International series against England, Eddie McGuire thinks he has the solution to wrap up the summer of cricket.

Speaking on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast this morning, McGuire said that it's not in the best interests of the Big Bash for the season to be extended.

"Cricket Australia are looking at debating - and I hope they don't fall for the three-card trick and kill the goose that is laying the golden egg which is Twenty20," Ed said.

"What's the first reaction always in Australia? More. We want more - more Twenty20.

"Probably the best an international might make in Australia... a couple hundred thousand?

"You know, good money. But not the $2.7 million you could make in the IPL."

Melbourne Stars player Kevin Pietersen told Eddie that he fears that if the BBL season is extended the internationals will stop coming because it's too much of a bite of out their season.

"We get them in now because they love Australia, four weeks in the Australian summer is good, there's decent money on offer," Luke Darcy agreed.

"But if we overcook it we'll lose the internationals."

However, Eddie believes the strength of the Big Bash has been the profile it has given to Australian cricketers - and Cricket Australia should exploit that opportunity.

"Only a couple years ago you'd be flat out naming the Australian Text XI," McGuire said.

"Now, every kid knows blokes who are playing who are basically Shield players or even park players getting up.

"So my suggestion is this: leave it pretty much how it is now.

"But what you could do to stretch it out a bit is play a State of Origin series.

"Let the internationals go back; instead of extending out and dragging out a series that's pretty much cooked.

"You make it a bit of a midweek festival.

"It's another TV product that you could sell to another network and make the money that way."

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