Eddie On The Future Of The State League Competitions

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Eddie McGuire gave some insight on the future of the state leagues.

He admitted that although it is going to be more difficult for clubs to fund their own state league team, McGuire outlined why an 'AFL Reserves' system wouldn't necessarily work.

Eddie believes 'AFL Reserves' would leave the state leagues depleted of talent & basically turn them into a local amateur-level competitions.

This would majorly affect the pathway for players to be picked up as mature aged players. 

"That would've killed off the VFL, the SANFL (and) the WAFL" McGuire said relating to the AFL Reserves. 


He believes the better option is leaving the WA & SA state leagues alone and expanding the VFL into NSW. 

"The WAFL (and) the SANFL can stand alone and then you can expand the VFL up the eastern seaboard."

30 March 2020

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