Eddie Tells How Mason Cox Had Never Heard Of Daisy Thomas

From The Hot Breakfast

25 June 2018

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During yesterday's Collingwood and Carlton grudge match, former Magpie Dale Thomas was up to his old tricks.

“He got booed every time he went near the ball yesterday, because he was a fair dinkum pest,” Eddie McGuire said of the Collingwood premiership player.

“He was just going around trying to rough people up, and he particularly wanted to go after Mason Cox," Ed laughed.


“So he’s into Coxy all the time. Now Daise, fair enough, he’s about a foot taller than you – but he was just driving him mad.

“I’ve got the feeling what Daise was trying to do was 1; upset the Pies, and 2; see if he could suck someone into getting reported and that type of thing.

“Come on, Daise, nick off, will you? Halftime there was a bit of a blue, and I think he sprayed the coaches as they went off the ground, so that didn’t go down that well.”

Eddie then laughed about having a chat with Cox in the change rooms after the game.

“What was funny though I went up to Mason Cox after the game,” Eddie said on The Hot Breakfast.

“I said, ‘What was Daisy doing?’ He said, ‘Who?’. I said, ‘Daisy Thomas, what was going on there?’

“He said, ‘Who’s he, who’s Daisy Thomas? What are you talking about? Oh … No.39? Who is he? I don’t know him!’

“I said, ‘He’s a premiership legend of our club’. (Cox) said, ‘Was he? Oh, OK’.

“So from now on I think Daisy’s got a new nickname – he’s No.39.”

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