Eight NSW Schools Set To Shake Up Tradition

Ditching 9am-3pm

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The New South Wales government has given the green light to trial extended school hours across eight schools.

The move intended to shake up the traditional 9 to 3, and give parents greater flexibility requires community organisations, local businesses and sporting groups to offer activities like sports and homework clubs after class.

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Premier Dominic Perrottet announced the trial marked for terms 3 and 4 aims to benefit working families.

“We know it can be a challenge for families juggling the competing demands of work and family life around standard school hours and this pilot is about exploring options to help with that,” he said.

“We want to offer greater support and comfort to parents, knowing that their kids are safe and happy taking part in a homework club in the school library, a dance class in the school hall or soccer practice on the school oval.”

- Premier Perrottet

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said many schools have already made changes to the traditional school day, introducing things like breakfast clubs, study centres, as well as fitness and arts programs.

“The reality is that the traditional school day, like the 9 to 5 workday, is a 20th century concept which may not be the best model for 21st century families, schools and the community,” Mitchell said.

“This isn’t necessarily about changing existing class times. What we are doing is finding ways to better support students and make it easier for working parents to manage their commitments.

- Ms Mitchell

The eight schools participating in the trial include: Cawdor Public School, Hanwood Public School, Hastings Secondary College, Kentlyn Public School, Matraville Soldier’s Settlement Public School, Orange High School, Spring Hill Public School and Tacking Point Public School.


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11 May 2022

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