Elon Musk Reckons He's Named His Newborn Son "X AE A-12 Musk"


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Any person who has never been able to find their name on a novelty mug, hat or Christmas tree decoration will be extending the fist bump of solidarity to Elon Musk's brand spanking new baby boy this morning.

The Tesla founder welcomed what's believed to be his sixth child on Monday, announcing the news in the only way he knows how: On Twitter.

After going on a tweeting spree over the weekend in which he, amongst other things, declared that Tesla's stock price was too high and that he planned to sell all of his worldly possessions, Musk also revealed that his partner Grimes was due to give birth on Monday.

He updated his followers later on Tuesday with the news that it was a boy - and then, when asked about names, answered: “X Æ A-12 Musk.”

No, really.


Is he joking? Who knows. But it's hard to put much stock - quite literally - in what Musk says on Twitter.

If we accept that he's telling the truth, the next question is, understandably, about how to say it; one Twitter user has suggested that it's pronounced "X Ash Archangel", a Tweet Musk that Musk "liked" and therefore insinuated is correct.

The logic behind the suggestion is that "Æ" is pronounced "Ash" in the Scandinavian alphabet, and that "A-12" might have something to do with the CIA aircraft Lockheed A-12, codenamed Archangel.

Again, this could all a be a very elaborate troll, especially considering the below was his first public photo of the baby.


Whether or not Musk is being serious, the name has certainly grabbed attention around the world; listen below as Triple M's Roo and Ditts remembered the time they let you pick Roo's baby's name.


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6 May 2020

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