Elton John and His Band

Elton John LIVE in Cairns

26 September 2017

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To ensure your Elton John concert-going experience is the best it can be, it is important that everyone attending the concert reads and understands this Event Information Sheet.

All the information is important, but some highlights for your attention are:

  • Updated security measures mean there’s new conditions which apply to what bag sizes will be allowed into the concert. Consider bringing only what fits in your pockets, but if not, take the time to check the new measurements and ensure your bag complies. Any bag larger than the allowed size, and/or any prohibited items, will need to be cloaked (which may involve long queues and delay your entry into the concert).
  • Remember to bring your ticket (obviously!), but also valid PHOTO ID, especially if you plan to consume alcohol.
  • And on that, food and beverage outlets are CASH ONLY!
  • Though ATMs will be installed for the concert, in the event of system failure and/or expiry, patrons are encouraged to bring enough cash for the entire evening.
  • All patrons are encouraged to make use of the FREE Park-&-Ride shuttle services, which provide the closest drop-off points at the stadium. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the special concert timetables, changed traffic conditions and road closures, and allow plenty of time for your travel. Also, plan on security checks, and queues, upon entry. 
  • Check your ticket to know which Gate you should enter the stadium
  • If your ticket reads Mulgrave St, this refers to Mulgrave Rd in Cairns.

Elton John’s Once In A Lifetime concert is the biggest event in history to be hosted at Cairn's stadium. Services will be running at capacity. First, be patient and kind. We want everyone to have a good time.

That’s the highlights.  Remember to download, read, and print the Event Info in full and make your plans in advance.

This is truly Once In A Lifetime, so let’s all make the memories ones to be cherished.

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