Emergency services respond to three camp fires spreading.

Officials calling for increased safety.

26 March 2018

Article heading image for Emergency services respond to three camp fires spreading.

Forest Fire Management Victoria are calling for locals to do the right thing when it comes to campfire safety, after three sseperate campfires led to bush fires in the past month in the Mallee.

Officials are warning poorly constructed and unattended campfires have the potential to become raging bush fires.

In one incident, a Melbourne man didn’t clear the required three metres around his campfire, and then left it unattended.

A small fire had started, and had to be extinguished by CFA and FFMVic firefighters.


He was issued two infringement notices and fined $952.

Earlier this month, a 20-year-old Merbein man was issued an infringement for $476, after he failed to have the required three metre clearance of all flammable material around his campfire.

A 1.2 hectare fire on public land South West of Robinvale was found to be caused by wind blown particles of cardboard packaging that had been set alight by campers on the adjoining private property.

For more information on campfire safety and regulations, click the link below!


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