Esperance Aged Care opens new 34 room WING!

Great support from the community

Sean Lindsay

19 March 2019

Sean Lindsay

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Exciting times for the Esperance Aged Care facility when it opened up its new wing on Monday.

Federal politicians Rick Wilson MP and the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP made the trip down the Esperance for the opening and were delighted to see the quality of the development and the community support that helped get the project from the planning stage into reality.

“Our Government is committed to giving senior Australians more choices for longer lives,” said Minister Wyatt.

“This means ageing with confidence, with as many aged care options as possible within local communities.

“If you have lived and worked in a place like Esperance all your life, you want to stay close to family and friends as you grow older, so it’s important to have access to quality, safe and affordable aged care.”

The new wing has a total of 34 rooms including 17 rooms purposely built for people who have been diagnosed with dementia, a growing problem amongst the elderly in Australia.

Minister Wyatt again:

“Dementia is a major issue globally, but in Australia the leading cause of death for women is dementia, so this is a very timely announcement for Esperance and a great outcome.”

Federal member for O’Connor Rick Wilson was congratulatory about the fundraising practices from Esperance community groups.

“The for-profit aged care providers are not interested in small country towns and providing those services as they can’t generate the profits that they need for their shareholders… it’s left to the community and boards to provide support to elderly care so a huge congratulations to the community members, not just the rotary club but also the masonic lodge, who provided financial support”

Hear the words of the Ministers straight from the horse’s mouth on the Sean for Breakfast audio below!

The Rotary club have been fundraising for three months, including a radio campaign imploring farmers to donate left over grain to the cause. They were able to contribute over $200,000 to furnish the new wing. The rest of the funding for the wing was covered by State and Federal money.

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