Esperance on its BEST behaviour for the Esperance Show

The show was a huge success

23 October 2018

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The 67th Esperance Agricultural Show finished up on the weekend with the glowing news that those that frequented the event were on their best behaviour.

Despite the high numbers of show-goers across the two days there was only one incident of note, a minor one, on the Friday night that was dealt with Esperance police swiftly. The incident involved a juvenile.

Sergeant Steve Thompson was delighted by the conduct demonstrated by those that attended the show and said the omission of a designated beer tent ‘possibly’ contributed to the lack of anti-social behaviour.

‘Alcohol is one of the biggest drivers for anti-social behaviour and police issues.’

Sergeant Steve Thompson spoke to Sean on the Triple M Breakfast Show (see below about 12 minutes in)

Originally event organisers had scaled back the closing time of the beer tent from 10pm and 9pm, but ended up scrapping the entire operation altogether after complications with the suppliers.

SGT Thompson said this shouldn’t have deterred show goers.

‘it’s a family friendly event and certainly from my perspective everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves, and one thing I would say I have noticed at some of the other agricultural shows now that quite often there are no beer tents… maybe this is a positive thing, that we’re pushing towards family events rather than just having a beer.’

Other anecdotal incidents involving verbal or physical violence were either handled privately or dealt with by show security.

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