Essential Energy Are Asking Home Owners To Report Their Aggressive Pets

Who let the dogs out?

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Since COVID-19 hit Australia, the number of pet adoptions have soared nationwide, giving hundreds of dogs new homes with many people now able to stay home with their pets. 

This is great news, however, this also means Essential Energy workers are coming face to face with protective dogs while they're on the job. 

An analysis by Essential Energy has reflected a 63% increase in dog attacks in the 2019 financial year, causing some sort of injury to electricity meter readers.

The data has also proven that dog attacks were more frequent since the beginning of spring with two attacks this month, leading to serious injury. 

General Manager of Essential Energy Luke Jenner says every worker should be able to return home injury free and is pleading with locals to alert the company to any potentially dangerous dogs in the area. 

“Everyone has the right to come home safe from their job, so we’re asking anyone who has a dog, if there’s a chance they may pose a threat or injure an Essential Energy employee or one of our contracting staff, to please let us know.”

- Luke Jenner

If there is a dangerous dog on the property, which could potentially injure an Essential Energy employee, the meter reader will not enter the property and as a result, the property will receive an estimated electricity reading. 

“Town locations make up nearly half of our potentially dangerous dog locations, however regardless of the location, we ask all dog owners to do the right thing and let us know if it is safer for our meter readers to avoid your property... Dog owners should also not assume that it’s only large dogs either, meter readers have experienced attacks by aggressive smaller breeds in the past as well.”

- Luke Jenner

If you believe you may've a potentially harmful pet on your property, follow the link through to the website to inform Essential Energy and for more information. 

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Georgie Marr

16 September 2020

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Georgie Marr

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