Every Gay Person We Spoke To Wants "Gaytime" As Is!

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Well, if our small sample size is anything to go by, there's a bunch of gay people in society who are happy to keep the Golden Gaytime named, as is.

Basil, Xav and Jenna put it out there this morning.

"Are you gay and offended by the name Golden Gaytime?"

Turns out, we got a few calls. We even spoke with our boss Tim, who put it all in some sort of context.

"I think as a community, we've been through persecution, we've been through the HIV crisis, we've been through not being allowed to marry, I think we are tougher than what you call a dairy confection treat."


The proposed name change reared its head last night, courtesy of a change.org petition.

It's a case of watch and wait, we reckon, but we know there are a lot of people who don't feel the same way as the creator of the petition.

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25 March 2021

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