Every Single GoFundMe Pitch That Mick Has Funded... And Rejected

From Roll-on Lube To Fluro Flanno

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You've heard that Mick Molloy is funding "worthy" causes in his own version of GoFundMe. You may even have sent us a pitch for something weird and wonderful that you think is worthy of Mick's cash.

Well, here they all are in one place. Everything Mick's funded, plus everything he's still considering... (okay, he's probably not considering them really, but we appreciate your efforts).

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Sophie - Funds to develop ‘roll on’ lube 

DemiAn aspiring horse rider, was given funds to buy a horse to be matched by her parents. Micks initials will be put on the saddle.

Sarah – Wants to develop her idea for a morning after pill for dogs

John – Funds to go towards a mate’s potential fine for streaking at the Ashes *conditional on John’s mate actually streaking

JohnFunds to develop a ‘Fluro Flanno’ because every tradie wants to wear a flanno during the winter.

Peter – Funds to develop a Lazy Susan Fridge

Graham -  Funds to develop a coaster that lights up when you're 1/4 empty to alert bar staff

Mark – Funds to develop an aluminium can that changes when its ice cold - so you know it’s ready to drink.



Peter - Funds towards a trip to Rotness Island for his 50th Birthday next February

Jason - Funds to buy a new set of medieval armour

RobboFunding for his invention, a 'thank-you' light for truckies in traffic that flickers the rear lights but not the headlights 

Donna – Funding for her invention, a coat hanger for sunglasses in the car

Wayne – Funds to fix his ride-on mower

AndrewFunding for a TV series featuring outback pubs all over Australia to rate their pots and parmas

MichaelFunds to develop "Platinum Uber” - a budget truck with stripper pole, bench seats and stripper out the back - with a responsible driver.

JasonFunds to develop an app with a wheel of fortune that you spin on a night out to work out where to go next.

Brendan Funds to buy some home brewing gear

Grant Funds to develop a 'throat spray' that distorts voice so you can pull a sickie

LesFunds for a Mr Whippy van that plays better music and delivers beer, ‘Grog 2 You’

Heath – Funds to start a home delivery fuel service so you don’t have to stop on the way home

Stephen – Funds for a new crown on his tooth

Jane – Funds to develop a toilet mat that zaps you if you wee on the floor

Mick – Funds to develop an LED messaging strip for the back windscreen to send messages to the drivers behind you

RickFunds to develop a TV remote control with an alarm to help locate it when its missing

Rob – Funds to develop an Alcohol interlock for the computer so if you are drunk you can't make terrible purchases or send emails

Brad – Funds to develop a soft coffee cup in the morning that can be turned inside out into a stubby holder in the afternoon

Wayne – Funds to make a reusable bottle that you can pee in. "Slash in a Flash”. As Mick described it ‘a social catheter’.  

DonnaFunds to make a hollow walking stick with an inbuilt flask in it.

Greg – Funds to develop an app that puts background sounds into the back of phone calls, for example when the wife calls put the ‘worksite’ background on.

ChrisFunds to develop a remote control lawnmower.

Jim – Wants to invent a cordless hose

Matt – Wants funding for creepy crawlies for fishtanks

Wayne – Wants funding to make a chaff bag for dogs (for the rear end)

Thomas - Needs funding for annual fishing trip with the boys - trip to Dartmouth

Jason -Funding for a beer butler service...pick up for the footy and get the beer for the game and drop home

Karen - Husband is a funeral celebrant and rides motorbikes. Wants funding to combine the two and call it "The Last Ride"

Dan – Funding to develop an esky for the shower (always chilled, has bluetooth)

Wayne - Wants to make undies out of chammy material

Victor - Wants to make tear offs for jocks (like F1 helmets) so you can wear them the next day with no skiddies

Diggo - Train dogs that can get beers for you

Sam - night vision googles for golf, allows you to play golf at night

Mick - frame for the bottom of wheelie bin which you can operate with a remote so they can put themselves out

John - Deodorant that smells like roast beef

Brett - Women's handbags that have strip lights in the lining so you can find things

Wayne – Wants to build a baby pram with a secret compartment to sneak in alcohol into the footy.

Chris – Inspired by Tradie Janey, wants funds to build an electronic ladder.

Will – Wants $500 to develop ‘Janey’ and ‘Mickey’ dolls, both with pull-string speech function, like Barbie dolls but with more attitude.

Chris – Raise capital to develop auto-tuning headphones - so when you go to a bad gig, it makes everyone sound great!

Will - Funds to develop a shopping trolley that works like an ambulance trolley, wheels retract when you got to boot of SUV.

‘Proctor’ – Funds to develop a flushable toilet roll.  

Andrew - When putting an empty beer in the pedal bin, when pressing foot on pedal a lever pops up and gives new beer.

Dave Lawson (from Utopia) – A high pressure ‘third flush’ when you need to pressure clean the sides of the bowl.

Mick Molloy – A Beer Train, like a sushi train but for beer.  

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12 September 2019

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