Everybody Needs Good....


Cliff Reeve

13 November 2017

Cliff Reeve

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Just like the song says, "everybody needs good neighbours" because I can tell you, bad neighbours can drive you to misery.

Today is World Kindness Day as well which gives me the chance to put these two thoughts together.

I was on my way to work this morning, just about to pull into the car park when I had a call from my lovely neighbour Glad.

For some reason our house alarm was going bonkers after I left for work. AAAAAggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Of course she may well have been wanting to alert me to that fact because the noise is horrendous, however the main motivation seems to have been her concern that some swine had tried to break into Fort Knox and set the alarm off.

My office is at the back of the house and on Saturday night after I'd finished working I was fumbling with the lock on the door and heard from next door "that you Cliff?"

Again the motivation was to make sure everything was above board.

How lucky are we?

We try to look out for each other and if there is a situation we try to fix it.

So different from times in the past. Amen.

Are you a good neighbour?

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