If the 2050 Cycling Strategy is approved

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Whether you ride recreationally or enjoy pulling out the lycra and smashing out long cycles around Esperance, you will be excited to hear a number of bike path projects are not far away from construction.

The Esperance 2050 Cycling Strategy is a rolling document that plans for the future of cycling around the region. The future plans to entice more tourist riders to town for long and aesthetically pleasing rides as well as nurturing local cyclists who plan on taking up the activity recreationally or for exercise.

There is already some funding set aside in this year’s Shire budget for upcoming bike projects. They will be confirmed and planning for construction can commence once the Shire Council vote on the Cycling Strategy at the next Ordinary council meeting, August 27.

The exciting proposals include:

  • Bike path along Sheldon road, to connect Castletown residents to the Esperance High School route
  • Road widening from Brazier Street through to Sheldon Road.
  • Bandy Creek weir crossing, this will become important in future weirs when upgrades to Wylie Bay Road commence, therefore completing the loop from Bandy Creep to Newtown Oval and Monjingup Lake reserve.

There are other projects, including extending the bike path through road widening west of Twilight Beach along Great Ocean Road. For further details contact the Esperance Shire and ask for the 2050 Esperance Cycling Strategy.

The best thing about these projects and the strategy is that it’s a joint Department of Transport and Shire of Esperance plan… meaning funding will be shared between the two entities.

Better get the lycra out and start oiling up the bike!

Sean spoke about the upcoming projects on the Breaky Show, audio about nine and a half minutes into the following audio

Sean Lindsay

19 August 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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