Explosive Claims Of Mechanical Doping In Cycling

Secret motors and all.

28 January 2017

Image: Getty Images

There are some explosive claims doing the rounds in the cycling world, with a Hungarian designer of a secret bicycle motor alleging that pros have been using the technology to cheat since 1998.

According to foxsports.com.au, a report aired on the US 60 Minutes which detailed how the motor fits inside the bicycle frame.

Apparently the designer worked on the project for an anonymous buyer for a hefty $2 million, promising not to speak on the matter for 10 years as a part of the deal or work on any similar technology.

Three-time winner of the Tour de France Greg Lemond says that while this situation is fixable, he "won't trust any victories of the Tour de France".

The tech inside the motor means that it could be activated via a secret switch or on more advanced models, at times when the rider's heart rate peaks.

This news comes after a rider was found to have used a secret motor in last year's race.

Image: @steephill

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