Facebook Has Nicked Another Feature Off Snapchat


27 January 2017

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Facebook is testing a new feature and, if you're a Snapchat user, it'll sound pretty familiar.

Facebook Stories has launched in Ireland this month with the aim of going worldwide - a very similar feature to the stories feature on Snapchat, and also on Instagram.

Stories are a way of showing photos and short videos that last for just 24 hours.

It's only live in Ireland, but it looks like it'll hit our shores soon.

"We're hoping to bring Stories ... to the rest of the world in the coming months," a Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook stories will be presented at the top of news feeds, much like how Instagram's stories appear.

The videos will include photos - and, judging by a video Facebook has released, some filters - as well as short videos, as well as the ability to comment.

Instagram's head of product Kevin Weil admitted stories, while being a Snapchat innovation, will become a worldwide feature.

"Stories is going to be a format that a lot of experiences are going to adopt over time," he told Variety last year.

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