Fair Work Announces 2.5% Increase to Minimum Wage

Relief for underpaid Aussies

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The Fair Work Commission has announced a 2.5% increase in the minimum wage and related award minimum wages.

190,000 thousand Aussie workers are currently earning $753.80 per week, with a further 2 million on their industry’s minimum pay rate.

Fair Work’s decision on Wednesday will raise Australia’s minimum wage to $20.33 raising the weekly wage for full-time workers to $772.60

It will see Australia’s lowest-paid workers receive an extra $18.80 per week.

Wage increases will take effect from November for award employees in tourism, fitness, aviation, and some retail sectors. The remaining retail employees will see pay increases from September 1.

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Triple M Newsroom

16 June 2021

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Triple M Newsroom

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