Families the focus of new recovery programs

The Glen in its 24th year.

18 January 2018

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Chittaway Drug and Alcohol rehab centre The Glen says it plans to put people's generosity to good use this year, and support the families of their clients as well as the clients themselves.

The Glen received a five figure sum in donations, after MP Linda Burney asked people to give to them following the passing of her son - who was receiving treatment there - in October.

CEO Joe Coyte says they'll use the money to introduce programs that involve their clients families in their treatment.

"It's gonna involve on-site groups and therapy sessions, but also some off-site stuff, some outings and some day trips to places such as the Zoo or sporting events," Mr Coyte says.

"And we're working in consultation with other organisations who are experts in other fields - like relationship counselling and grief control."

Mr Coyte says residential rehabs such as the Glen are beginning to acknowledge the impact drug an alcohol addiction has on families, and the need to involve them in recovery programs.

"The clients we have in our service are our main priority... (but) we picture the kids, the partners, the parents while we're treating them. We really try and have a holistic approach and make sure everything we do is gonna help these guys to enter back into their families and the community as a whole as active members."


Mr Coyte says they're also hoping to expand The Glen's existing operations from 40 to 50 beds in coming years. 

"Each month we get about 100 people that apply to the program, and we're lucky if we can offer 10 per cent of them a bed."


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