Family Desperate For Answers After Mother Is Presumed Murdered In Malaysia

What happened to Anna Jenkins?

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Anna Jenkins outside Hotel Jen in Penang, Malaysia, about 2.45pm, December 13, 2017

Three years on and still little is known about what happened to grandmother Annapuranee Jenkins who went missing whilst abroad in Malaysia in 2017.

Her family say little help was given by Adelaide police and Australian authorities never intervened, forcing Jenkins’ family to launch their own investigation. 

Her son, Greg Jenkins went to Malaysia after receiving a tip-off in August 2020, leading him to a roadside where he found items belonging to his mother.

"Within two minutes of being there I found mum's shoe," he said.

Nearby, Greg found some of his mother’s bones buried in rubble on a building site. 

Presuming she is dead, Malaysian authorities have closed Annapuranee's case, leaving little closure for her family. 

"They just put mum's possessions in two bags and then just dropped them and said 'you're right to take them'," Greg Jenkins said, becoming tearful.

Greg and sister Jen Jenkins are calling on PM Scott Morrison to help them in their pursuit to find the person who murdered their mother.

SA Best MP Frank Pangallo has offered his support, writing to the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister on Friday urging them to urgently initiate discussions with the Malaysian government so to launch a formal investigation. 

"We have got to remember that an Australian citizen has gone missing and was likely murdered. I'll be calling on the South Australian parliament to write to the authorities in Malaysia, including the king, to intervene,” Mr Pangallo said.

Shockingly, the family are still working to get their mothers’ remains released so they can do a proper memorial for her.

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29 October 2021

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