FARM INVADERS: Deputy Premier Announces New Fines For NSW Farm Invaders

John Barilaro Talks to Triple M

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It was a commitment the NSW Nationals made prior to the election, and now they have revealed the new penalties that will be served to those make attacks on farming families, such as those carried out by Aussie Farms.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro told Triple M that the NSW Government will impose on the spot fines for activists who invade private farming properties in across the state, jeopardising their biosecurity.

The latest announcement is part of a broader suite of measures being considered by the NSW Nationals to protect Coffs Coast farmers’ right to farm.

“Today the Minster for Agriculture and the Deputy Premier have taken an important step in stopping on-farm trespass by vegan vigilantes by imposing on-the-spot $1000 fines for trespass”, Coffs MP Gurmesh Singh said.

“Biosecurity is key to the ongoing viability of NSW agriculture and is extremely important to farmers. Now if an activist takes it upon themselves to invade someone’s property which is in violation of their biosecurity plan, then they will be guilty of an offence.

Not only will there be a $1000 fine, but Courts will have the ability to impose further fines of $220,000 or even $440,000 if a corporation is to blame.

“Activists who want to cause trouble for farmers in NSW are on notice – this is step one. We are looking at even more penalties to protect farmers who produce the food and fibre we need to ensure that not only are we fed and clothed as individuals, but that New South Wales can thrive economically”, Mr Singh said.

The new penalties will come into effect 1 August 2019. Authorised officers such as NSW Police will be able to issue $1000 on-the-spot fines. Further penalties will be available to Courts, including $220,000 for individuals and $440,000 for corporates.

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21 July 2019

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