FARMERS ACROSS BORDERS: helping our Eastern States farmers struggling with drought

all donations are welcome!

30 October 2018

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In 2014 the call went out for aid to be sent to the struggling, drought-stricken farmers from the Eastern States. The call was heard by a bunch or charitable agrarians around Esperance and Farmers across Borders was born. 16 trucks carrying loads bales of hay convoyed from across the South-East of WA and traversed two states to New South Wales, where they were greeted on Australia day by gratuitous farmers with tears in their eyes.

Four years later, and dry conditions has continued to ravage our Eastern States neighbours and the need for help is more important now than ever. Farmers across Borders were asked to help once again and once again they have heeded the call!

Hear about the charity here, with this conversation between Sean from the Triple M Breakfast Show, and Anne and Ross.

The charity operations have blown out this time however. 16 trucks have been upgraded to 50, with organisers calling out for hay and trucks from across the state to lend a hand donating and delivering.

Petrol, twine and balers are also critical to the success of the entire process, and the group have several local sponsors they’d like to thank for their donations to the cause including Elders, Farmer General, Esperance Rural Supplies (baling twine) and South-East Petroleum (helping to set up a fuel donation platform).

Numbers are looking good for the trucks but organisers are still working hard sourcing hay and straw, although they are confident of filling their hay quota.

The large, convoy plan to arrive in Burke from across the Nullarbor on Australia day, 2015. If you’d like to help out, please contact the Farmers across Borders Facebook or Web page.   

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