Fat Girls in Bike Shorts

Grabbing Life by the Handles

23 January 2018

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With an array of show stopping costumes and the showiest of show tunes, Fat Girls in Bike Shorts offers a hilarious glimpse into the life of two girls who are grabbing life by the “handles” and holding on for the ride. 

Come laugh and learn why $8 at Kmart is all you need for a chafe-free summer, and why body shaming never made anyone like cake less.

Produced by arts production enterprise Euphorium, Fat Girls in Bike Shorts is one of the most successful comedy shows coming out of regional Western Australia.

If you love life as much as you do snacking unnecessarily between meals, do yourself a favour and book a ticket to this show.

Cost - $28 Adult, $25 Arts Narrogin member 

For more info - admin@artsnarrogin.com.au

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