Federal Government To Open Applications For $40,000 Teaching Scholarships

In bid to attract more teachers

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The Federal Government are set to launch a $10 million advertising blitz in a bid to recruit more teachers nationwide.

The move follows a highly successful Australia’s Best Teachers and Best in Class campaign by News Corp.

Following the success of the campaign, the Federal Government are preparing to release a second campaign along with a number of scholarships to address the current teaching shortage.

The Federal government is prepared to offer 5,000 teaching students up to $10,000 scholarships under next week’s Budget.

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Students who accept the offer will be required to remain in a teaching position following the completion of their studies for a period of five years.

The blitz is part of the government’s attempt to attract more highly educated people to teaching roles across the nation.

Education Minister Jason Clare told News Corp that applications for the scholarships are expected to open this year.

“There’s nothing more important in a classroom than the teacher shaping the outcomes for our kids,” he said.

“These are 5000 scholarships worth up to 40 grand each. They encourage some of our best and brightest to become a teacher rather than a lawyer or a banker and applications for those scholarships will open later this year.”

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Georgie Marr

5 May 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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