Fight Crime! Lock Up Your Stuff And Watch Crime Stats Fall!

Don't Give Crime A Key

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There is some GOOD NEWS when it comes to crime stats across Greater Shepparton; if we ALL took more responsibility and locked our houses and cars, incidents burglary and theft would plummet.


How do local police know this? The stats speak for themselves.  

Of what we know, 66% of vehicles stolen in Greater Shepparton happened with no forced entry. This means it’s more than likely a car was left unlocked, in a carpark, street, driveway or carport.

The same can be said for the importance of locking your doors and windows at home, with 1 in 3 in Greater Shepparton burglaries showing no sign of forced entry. 

Some of us might remember the ‘good old days’ when we didn’t ‘need’ to lock the back door. The message from Victoria Police: Don’t Give Crime A Key!

Local Police are also encouraging cyclists to ensure their bikes are secured when left unattended, with over 100 bikes reported stolen across Greater Shepparton each year. That’s close to 2 per week.

Thieves are also exploiting the circumstances of those living regionally. Rural properties with expensive equipment and machinery and no nearby neighbours are providing the perfect opportunity for those looking to pinch a trailer, tractor or motorbike. Taking steps to secure your property is essential, otherwise, thieves could simply walk away with your stuff! 

So, as well as locking all doors and windows of your home, how else can we do our bit to prevent crime?

  • Appearances: Make it look like someone is home when you’re out.
  • Install and activate an alarm system
  • Secure valuables by keeping them in a safe place.
  • Keep tools and ladders locked away. Your tools may be used by thieves during a burglary to gain entry to your home

If you find yourself a victim of burglary, it’s important to know the next steps to not only help with the police investigation but to keep yourself safe.

According to Greater Shepparton police, you should keep these four steps in mind, in the event of a burglary:

  • Report any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood to police.
  • If you have been burgled, do not touch anything. Call police on Triple Zero (000).
  • If somebody breaks in while you’re at home, get out or find a safe place, such as a secure room and call police on Triple Zero (000).
  • The safety of yourself and others is more important than trying to prevent a burglary

"Don't Give Crime a Key" is a police initiative to avoid home burglary stats to rise. 

This crime prevention campaign - supported through increased public messaging - is one of several CSN initiatives to empower people to take the right steps to stop theft.

Click here for more information about how you can increase community safety in your neighbourhood.

This initiative is part of the Community Safety Networks Project. 

In Association with Victoria Police

17 December 2019

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In Association with Victoria Police

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