Firecracker Injures Band Member at Mid North Coast Shannon Noll Gig

Police seeking vision and information.

29 July 2017

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A Shannon Noll concert on the Mid North Coast on Friday night had an explosive finish after a firecracker was unexpectedly thrown on the stage from the crowd.

Keyboard player, Michael Tan was injured at the South West Rocks gig around 10:30pm trying to extinguish the wick of the lit firecracker with his foot; however, according to NSW Police, the ‘bunger’ exploded, burning a hole in his shoe.

Mr Tan sustained superficial burns to his foot and was treated at the scene. He was later taken to Kempsey District Hospital for further treatment.

Police were patrolling the South West Rocks Country Club at the time of incident, speaking to a number of people and investigations are continuing.

Shannon Noll took to social media after the incident describing the events as 'idiotic'.

Speaking about Michael Tan, the former Australian Idol contestant wrote, "trying to shut it down my keyboard player stood on it and it has nearly blown his foot off, let alone my drummer who caught shrapnel that cut his arm and hopefully his hearing will come back because he was 6 foot away from the blast!"

Concerned of what could have happened, Noll said, "Thank goodness Michael Tan didn't kick it back into the crowd unknowing the damage it could've caused!"

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident, or who may have visual footage, to contact Kempsey Police Station on 65616199 Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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