Firefighters at Coffs Harbour Truck Fire and Breakdown

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8 November 2017

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Fire and Rescue NSW were at the scene of a truck breakdown on the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour.

Northbound traffic is affected with the left hand lane blocked just prior to the speed camera at Korora.

Emergency crews arrived around 2:40pm to the scene.

Two Fire Appliances are at the location after smoke appeared to be coming from the engine of the truck.

Fire crews cleaned up a possible leak before a heavy haulage tow truck arrived to remove the vehicle.

Police are on the scene to assist with the traffic delays. 

It is unknown what the tanker was transporting at the time.

Triple M listener Agnes took this photo just prior to the arrival of the fire brigade.

Motorists can still pass the site, with traffic at a crawl while both lanes merge into one.

More to come.

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