Five Aussie Legends That Should Have Cracked The Massive US Market

Happy birthday America


5 July 2017


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Well, on the other side of the world our mates in the US are celebrating their birthday, the 4th of July.

Our music department were having a chat amongst ourselves when we thought about our mates and what present we could possibly give 'em.

The discussion ended up at what awesome Aussie acts that the Yanks should have got right into, but didn't.

That is, the five biggest Aussie acts that never cracked the US market, but probably should have.

Importantly, we had one vital bit of criteria. The definition of "cracked it".

The definition of "cracked it" was simply a chart thing. If they had a song or album that made the US top 20, then they "cracked it".

- Our Music Dept.

So, if you're an American reading this, take some time to check out the below list and discover "new" Aussie music.

You. Are. Welcome!

1. Cold Chisel

We just don't get it. How could a band SO rock and roll, so energetic, such great songs, not crack a market that craves exactly that type of music?

Yeah, Chisel had an unique sound, but that's why Aussies got into them so much. It must have pissed them off to see peers such as Midnight Oil, Men At Work and INXS all make waves in the lucrative US market?

Oh well, their loss!!!



2. Jimmy Barnes

Yeah, we know we could have lumped Barnesy in with Chisel, but his album For The Working Class Man was a thinly veiled attempt to get the barnstormer himself into the eyes (and ears) of American rock lovers.



The title track alone was written by an American, Jonathan Cain from Journey; and featured on the soundtrack of a Michael Keaton movie (called "Gung Ho" in America, and "Working Class Man" in Australia). Didn’t help much: 'coz the movie was a flop too!

Not surprisingly, Barnesy's best US chart result came with the rollicking version of Good Times with INXS. An absolute belter helped no doubt by the presence of his good mates in INXS, as well as its ties to cult classic The Lost Boys.



3. The Angels

Put this great Aussie band in the Chisel category.

Again, we don't get it? We could name five songs right off the bat that you'd almost bet your life on the Yanks listening to and loving it.

Especially in the golden era of The Angels back catalogue... songs such as Shadow Boxer, Take A Long Line, No Secrets and the classic Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again... this all happened in and around the punk music explosion, and looking back, we still can't work it out?

Maybe they should have stuck to The Angels, rather than changing their name to Angel City?

On the "up" side, The Angels’ legacy did make it to LA at least, and bands like Guns N Roses cite the band as an influence!



4. Hoodoo Gurus

Now it's just getting frustrating. The Gurus had massive success in the College and US Indie charts, yet that never transcended to mainstream chart success in the US.


Another fantastic Aussie exponent of rocking guitar rock, yet the Yanks just didn't get it.

Again, their loss!



5. Powderfinger

We all know it. Powderfinger were simply awesome. Their run of albums from 1996's Double Allergic onwards is chock full of Aussie classics that we all know and love, yet, once again, the Yanks just didn't jump on board.

Their mates Silverchair, with whom they combined to create one of the truly great Aussie tours (Across The Great Divide Tour), had a lot more US mainstream success, which you could probably put down to a right place, right time scenario. Well, that and a rocking combo of great songs and live performances.



Notable Mentions

Here are some other Aussie acts that we reckon could have (and should have) killed in the US.

  • Baby Animals
  • Eskimo Joe
  • Aussie Crawl
  • Dragon
  • Rose Tattoo
  • Etc...


So, I guess we're saying to any American reading this article is happy birthday, have a good one, and DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR. Check out any of the Aussie legends featured within this story.

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Written by: @dantheinternut

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