Five Movies That Probably Scared The Sh*t Out Of You As A Kid

Back in the day!


31 October 2017


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Well, it’s Halloween, and if you choose to embrace it here in Australia, there’s no better night to take the trick or treat “candy”, sit down on the couch and pop on an old VHS featuring a movie that scared the living hell out of you back in the day.

We’re talking ‘80s horror right here.

We ran a quick office poll with all the kids of the ‘80s, to come up with a definitive list of 5 movies that you could pop on tonight for old times sake.

Special mention at this point to Stephen King. You b*stard!

1. Cujo

That rabid dog certainly caused a few nightmares back in the ‘80s, and after seeing the trailer, it still made a lot of us in the office a tad uncomfortable.

No bloody wonder… take a look at this.



2. Hellraiser

As sure as Halloween comes around every year, it’s a fair bet that if you went for a sleepover and your mate pulled this one out for a late night view, it would be a late night.



3. Poltergeist

Two words… “they’re here”

So successful at being scary that they made a re-boot. Although, we’re purists here so we’ll stick with the original.



4. A Nightmare On Elm Street

You may or may not know who Robert Englund the actor is, but mention the name Freddie Kruger, and shivers go down collective spines.



5. Child’s Play

Bloody Chuckie… What more do we have to say…



We know we referred to a list of 5, but we just had to make a special mention of 1982’s Creepshow… Stephen King, again, thanks for the nightmares.



Written by: @dantheinternut

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