Five Ways To Regift A Crap Christmas Present

The perfect crime

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During the holiday break it’s almost inevitable that you are going to be given a gift that you either don’t need, don’t want, or don’t even have a clue what it is.

At the risk of looking ungrateful, you accept the gift knowing full well that you are going to re-gift that bad boy.

If and when this occurs, you are guaranteed to find yourself in one of the following FIVE scenarios when attempting to re-gift. 

The Perfect Crime

This is when your re-gift goes without a hitch. The original gift giver has no clue you’ve passed on their present without them knowing, and the new receiver of the gift is stoked to get it.

The Boomerang

One of the more awkward re-gift scenarios, the Boomerang is when you pass the present onto someone else who is equally unimpressed with it, and you then discover that they themselves have re-gifted it to the original gift giver.

You can avoid this scenario by re-gifting to a different friendship group.

The “Suck It Up Princess”

Some of us are actually decent human beings, and the thought of re-gifting never even crosses our mind.

This scenario is for the people who hold onto their gift because you may never know when you’ll need that third BBQ cover. 

The “Oh I Forgot To Take It Home With Me”

People are forgetful right? If you’re given a gift you don’t really want, and you’re at a location that isn’t your house, you can always just “forget” to take the present home with you.

Warning: there is a chance that the gift giver will bring it with them the next time you see them, so we suggest you find some sort of safe house to hide in, or consider deleting them on Facebook.

The Stuff Up

This is probably the worst re-gift scenario of them all. The “stuff up” is when you forget who gave you the shit gift in the first place, and you accidently re-gift it back to them.

Nothing will prepare you for the awkwardness that follows the “stuff up” and you’re best served leaving your belongings behind and starting a new life somewhere.


There you have it, the five re-gift scenarios you may find yourself in after the Christmas holiday period.

Of course, this can all be avoided if you just accept every gift with a smile and be grateful that you getting something at all!

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Ryan Warren

30 November 2022

Article by:

Ryan Warren

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