Flick Your Christmas Lights To Still Mode On December 23 So People With Epilepsy Can Get Involved

A grandmother's plea for the community

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A South East Queensland grandmother is pushing for Christmas lights to go still on December 23, so people with epilepsy can walk the streets and get into the Christmas spirit without fear of a seizure. 

Eagleby woman Anne Allen's 16 year old grandson Connor isn't able to enjoy the Christmas displays with his siblings and parents because he lives with photogenic epilepsy. 

"He's got three other brothers and a sister and I just thought it would be nice for him to be able to do with them and have a look at the lights without having a seizure", she says. 

So, that's where the idea for a 'still mode day' on December 23 came about. 

"I'm just trying to reach out to the community and ask that on the 23rd, they go out to their yards and push the 'mode' button on their lights and put them on still mode."

"It's so exciting for little kids seeing all these beautiful lights. It's just one night before Christmas, on the 23rd, to push a button and keep the lights on still mode, so any children with epilepsy can go around with Mum and Dad and brothers and sisters and enjoy it" 

Anne says she won't be stopping until she sees her mission come to fruition. 

"Epilepsy Queensland think [the idea] is fabulous. I've spoken to the local community centres, we're going to post it up on notice boards.. I've been in contact with some public schools just before they closed down, to see if they can get word out to the parents, I'm on Facebook pages.." 

"I'm also going to get some flyers made up and give flyers out, leave some at shops, put them on noticeboards. I'm just trying to see how far spread I can get this before the 23rd". 

"This would bring so much joy to me. It's my main goal. I'm not after recognition, I just want to see it happen. It would bring tears to my eyes to see the community come together and make it happen" 

Claire Sherwood

5 December 2017

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Claire Sherwood

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