FNQ's "Tarzan" Dies At Age 88

The man everyone knew

Amber Lowther

21 August 2018

Amber Lowther

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Michael "Tarzan" Fomenko, the character that everyone knew around Far North Queensland, has passed away, aged 88.

He died at Babinda last Friday and had relocated there from Cairns, spending his final months at the Babinda Multi Purpose Health Centre.

Tarzan was known to live his life in recluse, with many not seeing him for months at a time. 

He was recognised by locals for building a canoe in the 60s and travelling in it from Cooktown to (former) Dutch New Guinea. 

In past decades, locals would see him crossing the Bruce Highway between Babinda and Cairns with his trademark accessory in tow - a sugar bag slumped over his shoulder.

A truly great loss for FNQ. 

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