Foo Fighters Freak Out Fans With Stage Prank

To mark 3 years since Dave broke his leg

Cassie Walker

7 June 2018

Cassie Walker

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It’s been three years since Dave Grohl broke his leg by falling off a stage in Sweden and to mark the band’s return to Gothenberg, Sweden they staged the ultimate prank.

Can you believe it's been three years since "that" fall?
The fall saw Grohl break his leg and continue not only the gig, but the tour with his leg in a cast. 

To remember the occasion the Fooies pulled one over Swedish fans.

The Foo Fighters took to the stage, building up the anticipation for Grohl to take the stage, when “Grohl” fell off the stage.



Thankfully the real Grohl is ok.

Fooies are touring ahead of their very own festival CalJam'18, read more here

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