Footage Shows Drone Dropping Contraband Into NSW Prison

Packages containing capsules

26 October 2017

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In a brazen attempt to smuggle contraband into a NSW prison, a drone has been used to try to dump steroid capsules into Lithgow prison.

CCTV footage shows a drone that appears to be making a drop in prison grounds.

Officers searched the area the following morning but did not find anything.

However, raids resulted in an inmate being found with two packages containing 403 capsules, which was concealed in his clothing.

According to Corrective Services, a member of the public alerted the prison to the presence of the drone on Monday evening.

"I thank the member of the public and staff for their prompt response and the recovery of this contraband," Minister of Corrective Services David Elliot said.

“Drones are a threat to the safety and security of officers and the correctional system and I will be looking at what further safeguards can be put in place to further restrict the use of drones and other aircraft in the vicinity of prisons. 

NSW Police are currently investigating the incident.

Anyone caught smuggling contraband could face a two year prison sentence.

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