Football Australia Imposes Sanctions On Melbourne Victory Over Pitch Invasion

Heaviest in A League era

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Melbourne Victory has been handed sanctions following the pitch invasion during last month's derby match.

The club has been hit with a record $550,000 fine for the actions of its fans, with several other sanctions imposed.

"The sanctions we have issued against Melbourne Victory are the heaviest in the A-League era," Football Australia CEO James Johnson said. "These sanctions are reflective of our desire to remove this behaviour, and those that perpetuate it, from our game."

Fans won't have the right to sit directly behind the North End goals for the rest of the A League season, with no allocated 'fan zones' for away matches.

The first three rows of seats behind the goals at both ends will be section off with tarps, even during finals matches.


Victory escaped immediate deduction to its points tally, however a suspended 10-point deduction hangs over the club.

The points sanction will be triggered in any instance of supporter misconduct over the next three seasons.

"Deducting points was considered and what we decided is we went back to what ultimately is important, and that's the integrity of our competitions," said Johnson.

No flares, drums or instruments are permitted by fans during matches. 

The abandoned derby will be replayed in April, from the 22nd minute with opponents Melbourne City leading one goal to nil.

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10 January 2023

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