Former Greens Minister Bob Brown Wants PM To Show Forests Plan

Is ScoMo going to keep his promise?

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Former Greens leader Bob Brown wants more details from the Prime Minister now that he has signed the Leaders Declaration on Deforestation and a direct commitment to end and reverse logging of native forests by 2030. 

The declaration was signed at the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Glasgow which includes the country’s commitment to forest conservation efforts, sustainable commodity production and consumption. 

Now former Greens leader Bob Brown said at a media conference at the Bob Brown Foundation that he would like the PM to provide a concrete plan. 

“The Prime Minister will get a lot of brownie points for carrying this through. We need to see his plan before the election. We need to see this as dinkum. We need to see that that signature is honourable, and does mean that we’re going to see a halt and a reversal of the destruction of Australia’s forests,” he said.

Resources Minister Guy Barnett says we are already ahead of the game. He said now after decades of not following deforestation practices on public land, harvesting in state forests is now being sustainably managed. 

"The rest of the world is following Tasmania's approach. We welcome the announcement. We're way ahead of the game," Barnett said.

The state government says nothing needs to change as Tasmania leads the world in sustainable timber production. 

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4 November 2021

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