Former PM Howard - We Shouldn't Allow The Industry To Be Demonised

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Ben Creagh - Australian Mining

John Howard has addressed the 2019 Diggers and Dealers Forum in Kalgoorlie Boulder addressing a whole range of topics. These ranged from employment opportunities, industry, political insights and a look at Australia and where we are going. The Former PM showed wit and made reference to the efforts of Steve Smith overnight as well. 

When quizzed about the mining industry Mr Howard highlighted indigenous employment opportunities as a great way forward and the inclusion to make a better community from the industries created - not just mining. He also made reference that we should not be demonising the mining industry. "I never think you are too dependent on something if you draw strength from the natural endowment. I don't think we have over relied - we have taken advantaged of our natural strength. We shouldn't be apologetic about it and we should not let the industry(mining) be demonised about it." Howard said. 

Diggers has opened for 2019 with plenty happening on the ASX with companies that are involved. The announcement flows almost as much as the refreshments at the plethora of functions in town.  

Glenney Wilson

5 August 2019

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Glenney Wilson

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