Former Premier talks up small business growth fund opportunity.

Will Hodgman's latest career move.

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Brian Carlton spoke with former Premier Will Hodgman about his latest career undertakings and how he is planning on helping small businesses who are currently struggling in this pandemic.

Three months on from Mr. Hodgman stepping down as Tasmania’s Premier, he revealed his appointment as the new Chairman of the Australian Business Growth Fund. This fund has been setup by the major banks of Australia, HSBC, the Mercury Group and the Federal Government, who have made significant contributions to the fund.

The plan is to establish a small business fund to support eligible businesses who meet certain criteria, which Mr. Hodgman as the head of the board, will be able to sign off on.

Mr. Hodgman said he was feeling helpless, so wanted to make himself available to any government or organisation which could use the help of small business development. He believes that Tasmanian businesses would be likely targets for getting access to these funds and would see huge benefits.

Successful fund recipients will have new access to mentoring and support networks. This follows the same template that has been implemented in the UK. The support programs could not come at a more critical time in Australian history for small business operations and how they are facing the changing challenges that the pandemic is bringing.

Hopefully this fund will bring new opportunities for our local business community.

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Bonnie Ferguson

22 April 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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