Four Corners Reporter Louise Milligan Discusses The Fallout Of The St Kevin’s Scandal

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Four Corners reporter Louise Milligan joined the Hot Breakfast this morning and discussed the fallout of her report on the St Kevin’s scandal.


“I think it was absolutely chaos at St Kevin’s (yesterday, after the Four Corners report on Monday night),” Milligan said.

“A lot of very, very angry parents, a lot of very bruised and emotional boys, and in fact there was an assembly where Stephen Russell, the headmaster, stood up and gave a short speech, and then the head of Edmund Rice Education Australia — which is the sort of governing body which runs the school — Wayne Tinsey got up and made a speech.

“A number of boys refused to stand up, and they’re expected to stand up, and refused to sing the school song, and they were very upset because Wayne Tinsey — you know, who’s not their principal — gave them a bit of a serve, I’m told, by a number of parents.

“And the feeling that they came away with was that they were somehow to blame for the fact that the Four Corners story had happened, and the boys were very, very upset and they said that Stephen Russell didn’t apologise to them… there’s just a sense that the school is battening down the hatches, that Edmund Rice is battening down the hatches.“

Milligan also discussed the corporate governance issues the issue has raised, gave more details about the scandal and said there’s more to come “in the next day or so”.


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Triple M Staff

18 February 2020

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Triple M Staff

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