Free Fruit For Your Kids!


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So it’s come to my attention (being that I’m the main grocery shopper in our home) that Woolworths and Coles have started offering FREE fruit to the kids while the parents shop!
It’s good to see that there is still great service out there with nothing to be expected in return in a world that is fast becoming a more demanding and out-for-yourself-type world these days.

I was fairly surprised as well standing in the front house of each store just how many parents are using this great initiative! 
We’re bombarded with negative advertisements, stories, blogs, and websites and so on about how we are fast becoming a very unhealthy nation when it comes to what we put in our bodies. 

I was glad to see today, that that negative unhealthy food cloud doesn’t linger here, not in our region! I was so impressed with the initiative of not just Coles and Woolworths-but of the parents who took advantage of such a healthy alternative that I thought I’d hit the isles and talk to the parent’s one on one myself and get the first hand facts on what they think!

Woolworths kids fruit stand
Above: Woolworths Free Fruit stand for the kids.

My first pit stop- Woolies! Heres what Maddy and her has to say. 

Coles fruit stand for the kids
Above: Coles Free Fruit for the kids. 

My next stop- Coles, and yet another happy free fruit customer. Heres what Kristine and her daughters had to say.

Well the verdict is out-it’s a success!
Now, if we can only get the bottle shops on board for the adults…

5 December 2016

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