Free Public Transport In This City... Will It Work?

Not so sure

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This morning, The Big Breakfast spoke about the issue around public transport in Perth, and whether it should actually be a free service.

Would that actually help reduce traffic congestion in Perth?

Kymba wasn't so sure, and here's why


"If you don't live on a train line, public transport in this city sucks!"

- Kymba Cahill

It's fair to say there's probably a fair few in #Perth who agree with her.

The chat in full is a fascinating one... as good as free public transport sounds, there are issues that can come with that, as the guys poke about in the full chat.

Hear the chat in full

It's unlikely that Perth would ever see free public transport all of the time... after all, it's a big cost to recoup, but stranger things have happened.


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Written by: @dantheinternut


19 February 2019

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