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Carlton Draught Tank Beer

15 March 2017

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It’s being called the new benchmark in fresh draught beer.

The copper tank you see on the wall at The Exchange Hotel at Gawler – Carlton Draught Tank Beer.

How do you drink it? As the brewer intended!

It comes unpasteurized and cold in a bright beer tank straight from the brewery, is pumped into the copper tank on the wall and goes through no other process before it’s tapped into your glass.

The crew at Carlton Draught wanted to serve the freshest draught beer possible ‘unpasteurized beer is the purist’s beer as unlike other beers, it is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process’.

And it’s a bloody hit with customers.

Owner of The Exchange Hotel Damian McGee says ‘the community’s really enjoying it.. it’s proving really popular and is such a great innovation’.

With a huge range of craft beer and a variety of styles coming onto the market, our favourite brands needed to do something.

‘It’s great to see traditional beer companies keeping with the times’.

Carlton Draught Tank Beer was launched interstate in 2014 and taken on by The Exchange last November.

‘We had a group of guys working for 5 days and nights to install the 500 litre copper tank and pipes’.

And they’re not bad on the eye either!

The liquid gold finish can be seen throughout the Hotel as it pumps a cleaner, crisper beer to various bars around the venue.

Damian says it’s a winning option amongst The Exchange’s other 21 beers and ciders on tap and at $7 a pint or $6.50 for the Hotel’s members it’s very affordable.

‘We really feel like it’s a point of difference the customers can taste’.

The Exchange Hotel – Gawler’s Home of American BBQ Smoked Meats and Carlton Draught Tank Beer, The Freshest Beer in Town. 

155 Murray St, Gawler

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