Fruit Fly Tree Removal Works Are Underway In Shepparton

Flies be gone!!

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In an attempt to mitigate the amount of fruit fly's plaguing the Greater Shepparton region, the City Council will be removing multiple unmaintained fruit trees from reserves, parks and roads throughout the region.


The bulk tree removal comes after the Greater Shepparton City Council received funding through Agriculture Victoria's Regional Action Plan Grant 2019-2020.

The Greater Shepparton region pride themselves on their horticulture, so the Greater Shepparton City Council is working closely with the Victoria Fruit Fly Governance Group to ensure the continuous growth of our horticulture industry.

Council Director of Sustainable Development Geraldine Christou says residents can expect the tree removal mission to start soon.

“Council plans to begin this work as soon as possible, using contactors and Council staff to remove unmaintained fruit trees both in rural and residential reserves and streetscapes of our municipality,”

- Cr Geraldine Christou

For the full fruit fly action plan, follow the link to the website for more details.


Georgie Marr

11 August 2019

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Georgie Marr

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