Further Twist In Brad Scott’s Umpire Comments

Jay Clark has some news.


7 December 2016


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Jay Clark has revealed on the Sunday Rub that North Melbourne’s Head of Football Geoff Walshwas involved in the chain of communication that led to Brad Scott’s comments about the umpiring on Friday night.

After the game Scott said that an umpire had said that Lindsay Thomas wasn’t getting free kicks for high contact because Thomas is “a ducker”.

North Melbourne were then forced in to an apology when it became clear the exchange hadn’t happened.

Clark said that Walsh was involved in the Chinese whispers that ended with Scott’s comments.

“[Walsh] was actually involved in the messages, the miscommunication, the mixed messages that went from an on-field conversation back up to the coach’s box,” Jay Z said on The Sunday Rub.  

Clark found it a bit confusing that North hadn’t apportioned any blame to Walsh.

“To me it is very surprising that Geoff Walsh probably hasn’t come up, or not said something, attributed some sort of the blame to him,” Clark said.

He also feels Walsh probably didn’t show enough leadership in the situation.

“It’s a surprise to me that he hasn’t shown a cool head in that crisis and said to Scotty ‘Look if this is what’s said just forget about it and we’ll get to the bottom of later.’” 

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