Game Of Thrones Crashes Foxtel

People fuming

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The global preview of Game Of Thrones Season Seven has sent Foxtel into meltdown.

A rush of Thronies desperate for their fix rushed online, with 'Foxtel now' crashing.

Aussies weren't alone, it happened to a few services oversees as well.


Foxtel has apologised for the hiccup, hopefully you managed to avoid spoilers!


"We are devastated that some customers experienced technical issues tonight," said Foxtel's Bruce Meagher.

"As was the case in the U.S. and Latin America, the unprecedented rush for a subscription just prior to the telecast, crashed the system.

"Foxtel engineers are working through the night to resolve the issue."


Mr Meagher added people can still watch it on demand or catch some of the encore screenings this week.

"We assure anyone impacted that they will be able to watch the first episode of Season 7 either On Demand or via one of our encore screenings throughout the week," he said.

17 July 2017

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