Geelong's CEO Chats About The Possibility Of The Cats Playing In China

'If the AFL came along and said...'

19 May 2017

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Geelong chief executive Brian Cook has said the Cats would "look at" a home game in China if it was presented to them.

Cook joined the Rush Hour on Triple M and was quizzed by Billy on the possibility of the Cats heading to China.

"Would you go to China? If Port Adelaide came to you and said, we'll give you a million dollars to play us over there?" he asked.

Cook said the club would consider that.

"Oh, you'd look at that. Oh yeah," he said.

"Yeah, you'd look at that.

"Even if...the AFL came along and said, look, we've got one of your home games at Etihad next year, but we're willing to swap that for a China home game, we'd probably look at that."

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