Get Ready To Be Sent Back To 1985 At Howler

For one night only!

6 February 2019

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Let's face it - going back to the future seems really appealing right now.

Specifically, back to 1985 - when the Wedding Singer was set, and David Lee Roth was still in Van Halen.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you're in luck!

Melbourne's very own Howler, in collaboration with Tastemakers, is throwing an 80s wedding reception like no other.

The Wedding Singer... Reception is set to be the wedding reception of the year, free from annoying relatives, invasive questions, and judgement for your dance moves.

Wedding supergroup Robbie and the Hart Breakers, made up of some of Melbourne's best musicians, are set to get the dance floor heaving.

However, if you'd prefer a wedding DJ, then you're in luck - Triple M's very own DJ Casette Walkman will be spinning all the essential 80s party hits.

The dress code? 80s bridal party, of course!

It's all going down on February 15, so make sure you grab your ticket now!

For more information, or to grab a ticket, click here! 

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