Gillon McLachlan Explains Good Friday Fixture

"See what works"

1 November 2017

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It’s fair to say that passionate Bulldog Luke Darcy wasn’t impressed that the Good Friday game had been taken from the Dogs.

The Kangaroos will now play St Kilda in the much talked about game that kicked off for the first time last year.

Darcy asked AFL boss Gillon McLachlan about the change this morning on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“I think Travis (general manager clubs and operations Travis Auld) was always going to rotate it around bit and have a few different teams having a look at that game,” McLachlan said. 

“North had been prosecuting the Good Friday thing the hardest and have kept it, St Kilda are having a look this year,” he said. 

“We’re keen not to lock in the same two teams from the very start. I think we need to have look and see what works, or if a rivalry develops,

“I think eventually it will be the same two teams but sitting off it for a while.”


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