Girl Run Over By Tractor At Inglewood

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An 11-year-old girl has been airlifted to the Women's and Children's Hospital after being run over by a tractor at Inglewood.

Crews were called to the property on North East Road just after 11 o'clock on Friday morning.

Ten Eyewitness News reporter Kate Somers is covering the story and told Triple M News paramedics found the girl trapped under the machine. 

"Its understood that ambulance crews had to walk for some distance to retrieve the little girl, that had rolled down the hill. They've had to transport her about 100 metres to the front of the property - and she's now in a stable condition." 

A CFS spokesperson at the scene said the girl was very brave and worried about where her mum was at the time.

She was conscious and breathing, and her condition was listed as stable.


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5 October 2018

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