Gold Coast City Council Push To Shut Down Gold Coast Helitours

Three months after Sea World tragedy

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The Gold Coast City Council are pushing to have Gold Coast Helitours at Marina Mirage shut down.

A file was lodged by the Gold Coast City Council on Monday in the Planning Environment Court in Brisbane requesting that an “enforcement order” be issued to Gold Coast Helitours to “cease and not resume using the premises for air services”.

The council is pushing for the court to classify the current launch pad and café as an unlawful “use of the premises”.

This would make the presence of the hangar, launchpad and café a development offence.

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The push comes only three months after the Sea World helicopter tragedy that claimed the lives of four people.

Two Sea World helicopters collided mid-air killing four people and seriously injuring seven others.

If the motion is passed, Gold Coast Helitours will be forced to close up shop after 25 years at Marina Mirage.

The council’s application includes complaints from “adjoining and nearby residents”.

Gold Coast City Council planning’s Councillor Cameron Caldwell told the Courier Mail that the application has followed several complaints from the community over a number of years.

“Investigations have resulted in this enforcement action,” he said.

“While air services are contemplated in the area to support tourism, it is not an automatic right and Council does have an interest in protecting amenity and lifestyle.”

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Georgie Marr

23 March 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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