Gold Coast Revealed As Area Of Concern With Highest Number Of Covid Infections

"Please wear your mask"

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Queensland has recorded another 9,581 new Covid infections overnight as children become eligible for Covid vaccinations.

These numbers include both positive rapid antigen tests and positive PCR results.

Of the 9,581 new Covid cases, 3,714 were discovered through the use of rapid antigen tests.

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There are currently 419 in hospital being treated for Covid with 21 people in intensive care and seven people on a ventilator.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard said the Gold Coast has become an area of concern as at least 11 of Queensland’s 21 hospitalisations are located on the Gold Coast.

"A quarter of the ward admissions, 101 out of 419 currently on the Gold Coast, suggesting that there is a significant surge of the virus there on the Gold Coast," he said.

"It's not surprising given the sheer number of interstate visitors which would have caused seeding events to have occurred.

"But I would also point out that the vaccination rates on the Gold Coast are among the low end, the lowest in south-east Queensland at least."

Dr Gerrard also revealed that six of the 11 people currently being treated for Covid in ICU are unvaccinated.

"It's hard to believe in my mind how you can still be unvaccinated now in the middle of a pandemic," he said.

Despite the concerning number of Covid cases popping up across the Gold Coast, people are still refusing to wear masks with Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski revealing that of the 189 mask handed out in QLD, 168 were handed out on the Gold Coast.

"As you've heard from the Chief Health Officer, there are lower levels of vaccination and increased illness on the Gold Coast so our message for all our community and particularly on the Gold Coast, please wear your mask,” he said.

As the Omicron outbreak continues to surge across the country, thousands of Australian children have become eligible for the Covid vaccination from today.

Children between the ages of five and 11 can now receive their first vaccination with at least 800 people booked into the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre today.

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Georgie Marr

10 January 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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